The pastor as expert and the challenge of being a saltwater fish in a freshwater tank

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Academy of Religious Leadership
Contemporary church leadership has largely been developed through historically shaped cultural forces stemming from modernity’s rationalism. As the dissonance of this shaping has become more pronounced with the movement toward what has been called “postmodernity” or “hyper-modernity,” it has become important again to understand how we have arrived at our current state for the purpose of understanding how God might be reshaping his church once again. Acknowledging that our current practices of leadership have been largely shaped by historical cultural values can give us freedom to let go of those practices which no longer serve God’s mission and adapt to the context into which God is drawing us.
Clergy, Church
Kinnison, Quentin P. "The Pastor as Expert and the Challenge of Being a Saltwater Fish in a Freshwater Tank." Journal of Religious Leadership 13, no. 1 (Spring 2014): 1-30.