Transforming pastoral leadership: reimagining congregational relationships for changing contexts

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Pickwick Publications
For many congregations, change creates discomfort. Pastoral leaders are often expected to be experts who manage and control realities beyond their expertise, experience, and ability. That expectation, a product of modern approaches to leadership, views the pastor as responsible for maintaining the status quo. Transforming Pastoral Leadership responds to this context by challenging readers to rediscover key biblical themes around the shepherding metaphor as well as key theological themes steeped in our historical faith narratives. Readers are challenged to consider the origins of our dominant leadership practices and to reconsider how Christ's preeminence as the leader of his church requires us to reconstruct leadership practices that are faithful to his preeminence. To assist congregations, Transforming Pastoral Leadership suggests two processes that might help congregations discern God's missional promptings as they move forward into God's future and experience conflict as opportunities for transformation.
Pastoral theology, Pastoral care, Christian leadership
Kinnison, Quentin P., Transforming Pastoral Leadership: Reimagining Congregational Relationships for Changing Contexts. Eugene, Ore.: Pickwick Publications, 2016.